Anniversary & Re-dedication of Woodstock Masonic Centre.

100 years in Woodstock Masonic Building Celebration – January 9, 2023

The three Woodstock Lodges, King Solomon’s No. 43, Oxford No. 76 and Mercer Wilson No. 678 commemorated the 100th anniversary of the dedication of their lodge building.
In February 1921, the Masons of Woodstock purchased these present facilities, which was the Buckingham Hotel, and had been owned by Bro. R.H. Reid, of King Solomon’s Lodge no. 43. The 1st meeting held in our new Lodge Room was the Ceremony of Installation of Oxford No. 76, held on December 27th, 1921. Our Temple was Dedicated Jan. 10Th 1923, by Grand Master W.N. Ponton, Belleville Ontario. On January 9, 2023 the building was re-dedicated under the auspices of R.W. Bro. Jamie R. Ireland – Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

l-r: W.Bro Bill Mayes-Mercer Wilson No 678 W.Bro. Paul Leroy-Oxford No 76 R.W. Bro. John Ault-King Solomon’s 43 M.W. Bro. David Cameron R.W. Ian Chappell D.D.G.M. Wilson District R.W. Jamie Ireland D.G.M R.W. Bro. Michael Steele V.W. Bro. Scott Naisbitt M.W. Bro. Allan Petrisor
Grand Lodge officers and special guests: Lorie Benny & Lynne Atkinson – Order of the Eastern star.
Karen Houston-Woodstock Museum. Jacqueline Thompson-Woodstock public Library.
Grand Lodge officers and members of Oxford No 76
Grand Lodge officers and members of King Solomon’s No 43
Grand Lodge officers and members of Mercer Wilson No 678
Bringing in the guests
Director of Ceremonies – R.W.Bro. Murray Coulterexplanation of Lodge & G.L. history to guests.
R.W. Bro. Jamie R. Ireland-Deputy Grand MasterExplanation of Corn, Wine and OilRe-dedication ceremony.
Wilson District D.D.G.M. – R.W. Bro Ian G. Chappell assisting in re-dedication ceremony.
R.W. Bro. John Ault -History of previous Woodstock Lodge Locations.
W.Bro. Paul Leroy – History of present Building.
W.Bro. Bill Mayes Explanation of present day facilities
Head tableBanquet hall social hour. L-R: J.F. Sutherland – Ian Chappell – Jamie.R. Ireland – Paul Leroy – Allan J. Petrisor – David J. Cameron – Anthony Scalisi
At Refreshment